So, what’s all this about border-walking, and what does that even mean?

Borders typically invoke images of separation and differentiation, but they are also points of connection, as theologian Paul Tillich notes. Since I entered this body, I have been walking (and stumbling) along many borders — familial, social, economic, religious, and identity-based — and for many years, felt I belonged nowhere because I existed on the margins. As my path has unfolded, I have learned that I needn’t stay in the neutral ground between worlds; to do so is to deny my spiritual mission in this life. Instead, I can use my gift of standing in multiple worlds at once, reaching into each and bringing people to stand together in the liminal space that once kept them apart.

My goal/call is to walk those borders that have historically separated individuals and groups and transform them into points of connection.  Here, I offer reflections and lessons — personal and professional, theological and philosophical, sacred and profane — on that journey.

I created this blog to share what I am learning in my journey of seminary education, ministerial formation, and the creation of a Border-Walkers street ministry in downtown Tulsa and beyond. I welcome your questions and insights — and hope that you will join me in this mission of connectivity.




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